A bag of bones. (franticbuddha) wrote in lets_talk_games,
A bag of bones.

Some Stuff To Talk About (X-Posted)


Names Griff. Just thought I'd say a few things.

First of all I'm trying to find a copy of the original Gex, Discworld and Jumping flash for the playstation. If anyone has seen any of these games it would be great if you could drop me a line.

2. If you haven't played Disgaea for the Playstation 2. I recommend that you take a look. One of the more over looked games of last year.

III: I'm trying to confirm a formatting difference between American PS2 Disks and European PS2 Disks. If you know anything about that I'd appreciate a comment.

{Four} I have a friend who's starting a forum. PS2 Central If you're interested in PS2 stuff check it out. If not no biggie.

Lastly: Hi! It's fun being a member of places like this.

Talk to you later.
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